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Thank you for your interest in creating a Will online.

Here at Cedar Wills & Trusts we offer both an online Will service, along with our face-to-face service for people who require more in-depth planning. You can create a Will online in as little as 15 minutes with our simple Will maker.

Start to write your own Will online.

You will be taken through a series of information, and request for acknowledgments, during this process. They may be repeated whilst completing the Will, to ensure that legal compliance is adhered to. Please contact us on enquiries@cedarwills.co.uk in the first instance, should you need clarification on any point, or advice on potential consequences regarding your Will.

This is an application for a simple Single or Mirror Will.

If your total assets (including, but not limited to: House Value, Savings, Stocks, Shares, Business Interests, etc) are likely to reach a value above £325K at the time of your death, then you will need to consider the implications of Inheritance Tax. At this point you will more than likely need a more robust estate planning solution. Please click here, if you would like to arrange a free consultation with one of our Will specialists.

Prices for creating an online Will – (payable by BACS transfer – only when we have acknowledged receipt of your instructions)

£50 Single Will – suitable for one person

£75 Mirror Will – duplicate Wills suitable for a marriage or partnership

£10 Hardcopy (per Will) – The standard offering is to email your Will in pdf format. We can create a hardcopy, and post it to you if required.

(Prices above exclude vat)

TERMS and CONDITIONS can be viewed here

Considerations when you create a Will online

You will need to have the following information to hand in order to complete your online Will application – you can also save and come back to your application, should you need to re-visit it at a later time.

  • Your full names, address and date of birth (including your children)
  • You will need to be able to provide Photo ID, and a Utility Bill confirming residency.
  • Who you would like to be guardians for any children who are under 18?
  • The name and address of your executor/s
  • Who you would like to leave your estate to, and in what proportions?
  • The minimum age that you would like your beneficiaries to inherit?
  • Your funeral arrangements cremation, or burial.
  • Are you a donor, and would you like funeral donations to go to a charity, instead of buying flowers?
  • If you have pets, do you want anyone in particular to look after them.
  • Who would you like to inherit your estate in a worst-case scenario (ie: should you and your primary beneficiaries all pass at the same time)?
  • Exclusions – Do you have anyone that you specifically do not want to benefit from your estate?


As this is a legal document, we need to establish that you understand what you are undertaking and your commitment. Please fill in the details below.

Your Phone Number
Your Email Address
You agree to our terms and conditions
You have full mental capacity
You are aware of the implications of making a will
You can confirm that no undue coercion is being used to create this Will
In Accordance with our GDPR policy, please tick yes to confirm that you understand that we will hold your details, and information on file. Only select yes if you are happy for us to contact you on matters regarding your estate planning.

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